Truck & bus tires to help your business save money on fuel, eliminate the hassle, and more.

Make the most out of your company's every peso.

Ordering tires traditionally is a complicated and a time consuming task, we understand. The tendency is objects like tires tend to get overlooked until road incidents, mishaps or even death might occur. It became so common that people think it's normal. We're changing that. 

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The road to organized operations

Whether you're starting a new business or already in the industry for a long time, your focus should be on prioritizing the safety of your team and your assets, being efficient with your expenses, and growing your business.   

We'll provide the right tire for you

Our commercial tire consultants will assess on your appointment and take care of the proper requirements that your business assets should need not what you got used to. Always assume that trouble is just around the corner so you should be well equipped.

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Heavy-duty tires built to adapt

Minimize the time spent on unnecessary down times, frequent replacement of tires which is so much of a hassle; so instead you can focus on your business and get more things done smoothly. 

What we offer


Plus all the added value to our clients

Learn something new, streamline your purchases with our online portal and more - because we want to make it super convenient for you and your team.

Supplementary tire resources

Free articles and tips for the business owners, the decision makers, and the team to increase awareness and tire knowledge.

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Order updates

We know your time is precious. To make things easier, you'll receive notifications once your order gets processed up until it gets shipped out.

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Free shipping

Your order will be delivered 2 business days after all your items are available to ship.

After-sales assistance

Tire inspection, troubleshooting, monitoring reports on your battery and tires.

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In compliance with your company

Traceability is so important for the business, we want to make tracking easier for you so you're prepared once an audit or a problem arises.

Who we serve

Hi-lug Trading is a family-owned small business providing commercial solutions  —  from tires, to auto-batteries to our clients located in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna & Batangas

How you could benefit

We value our business customers' time, support, and money so we are here to supply durable commercial products and provide tons of value to them with a different type of approach  —  built to adapt.

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